Learning and teaching is what moves Fernanda. Meditation, Mindfulness and Yoga have been an important part of her life for over 20 years.

Having had her own studio for 8 years and managed some other big studios, yoga/meditation teacher trainings, dozens of retreats shaped her career and life.

Teaching for almost 20 years made her embrace life and people in a more profound, compassionate and resourceful way. Her passion for Meditation pushed her to study, practice and teach in Brazil, US and India, Nepal and China, and of course Canada having accomplished 800h YA Teacher Training, 300h in Yoga Therapy/Ayurveda and 12 years studying and teaching Meditation Fundamentals and Mindfulness.

She has also been to several different countries in search for enhancing her teaching methods and offer the best yoga experience to her students. Bachelor in Literature and Languages, she uses her communication skills to adapt and to create the right energy for the style which is being taught, either a dynamic and energetic themed class or a soothing, relaxing experience, always though awareness enhancing techniques.

She sees life as an opportunity for growth and meditation is her fundamental stone for developing heath, strength, balance and peace of mind. 

Besides being a dedicated teacher and student she’s also an animal and nature lover - not really a distinct characteristic among meditators though lol – ah! She also loves Brownies! Well, who doesn’t?